Prestbury Peggies - Our Story

Dear Ang

What an adventure we have been on!

It seems a long time ago when you had the vision for what we were to become.  Back then we were a mere twinkle in your eye.  Not only did you have the vision, but you had the strength and perseverance to bring us to where we are today.

It all began when Steve made us our home.  A splendid place for us to take part in our varied activities, though as yet we haven't persuaded the Hall Management Committee to let us play skittles!

But you needed help.  In stepped all those crafty ladies who with your help and guidance dressed and preened us.  We were quite worried at one point when several of us stayed naked for a considerable amount of time.  Were we destined for the WI calendar we wondered!

Then joy of joys you took us on holiday - what a treat.  The Tai Chi girls went to Mevagissey, but the sea breeze played havoc with our hair.  We visited Portmerion and Heligan.  I'm not sure why, but one day one little peggy stayed at home - was she naughty!

You catered for all our dietary requirements, one little peggy like curry, one little peggy is a vegetarian and one little peggy is very partial to a glass of wine!

All too soon it was time to come home.  It was a long way.  Weren't we glad of the stop at Exeter Services otherwise it would have been wee wee wee all the way home!

After all that good eating on holiday we were ready to tone up in our first Tai Chi class.  By now all the other groups were coming together.  The catering group were resplendent in their aprons.  The book group looked exceptionally studios, despite their penchant for alcohol and the skittles team are very confident (we have high hopes for bringing the trophy to Prestbury in November).   All this activity accompanied by the dulcet tones of the ukelele group.

We knew our biggest adventure was approaching because you began to get nervous about leaving us for the first time.  We were just as excited about our weekend sleepover at Gloucester Cathedral.  You packed us carefully in the car.  I tried to tell you not to worry as we would look after each other.

When you left us behind you told us to be good, not to be too rowdy and definitely no giggling.  Well you'll be pleased to know lots of people came to see us and they were all very complementary.  One lady said we were very well behaved obviously because we had been very well brought up.

Today we just wanted to say thank you Ang, what a privilege to be part of the GFWI centenary celebrations.  Oh and the Committee and members of Presbury WI say thank you too.

The Prestbury Peggies.

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